Peace of mind
for individuals and increased efficiency
for healthcare professionals

We are committed to connect individuals to necessary healthcare services, both online and in person, through our  'Primary Care Platform,' while simultaneously lightening the workload of local healthcare providers.

We aim to efficiently harness the limited resources of healthcare professionals, working towards a society where everyone can enjoy uninterrupted healthcare 24/365.

vision 2025

Reducing non-essential ambulance usage in Japan by 30%.

In aging Japan, a growing elderly population, often living alone or in elderly households, faces challenges traveling to medical facilities. This increases ambulance usage for minor issues, causing treatment delays and straining healthcare institutions.

To address this situation, we take on nighttime and holiday healthcare needs as an alternative to ambulances, with the goal of reducing non-essential ambulance usage in Japan by 30% by 2025.

vision 2030

Building a Leading Primary Healthcare Platform for All

Our objective is to deliver an all-encompassing 'primary care function,' spanning emergency, preventive, acute, and chronic healthcare, accessible for all, 24/365.
We go beyond curbing non-essential emergency transports. We tackle chronic overworking in the medical sector, the strain on advanced healthcare facilities, and shortage of end-of-life care to aid Japan's healthcare challenges and become a new healthcare infrastructure.